Gone Girly

Photos: Anya Sandul

Polka dots and ruffles

I recently started exploring dresses from the Realisation Par collection and…I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t wear or want. I always love a good polka dot of ruffle action, and why not throw in some sneakers to add a hint of casualness. Also, hats. With fall on the horizon, (sorry, but summer is kind

of really almost…over), I’m actually looking forward to digging back into my hat collection. But even so, I’ll still try to wear little dresses and summer-ish attire for as long as I really can. Hints of denial, hints of I’m not particularly ready to bring out leather or fur quite yet.

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dress: Realisation Par (similar); sneakers: Vans; hat: Nick Fouqet (similar); bag: Valentino

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