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A Rom-bama story

Today is a historical day for the United States, as, in several hours, we will already know who will be the next president!! The election opposes primarily the exiting democrat president Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, his republican adversary. Will the Americans give Obama another four years or will they go for the alternative with Romney? But as we’re waiting, lets go all-out patriotic, sporting the white, bleu and red in our cupboards! Here are a few ideas:
This picture was taken at the end of August in New York, and I’m wearing an American Apparel t-shirt. To return to this post, click here. For our true militants, its all about the flag! Have a good election night! XoNS

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  1. Marie says:

    J’adore ton look ! Les chaussures sont chouettes ! Mais.. il fait chaud à Ny ?



    • Natacha says:

      non il fait froid!! c’est une photo d’un post que j’ai écrit fin aout …. xoxoxo

  2. Meryem says:

    Félicitation à Barak Obama , il mérite bien d’etre président une deuxième fois
    Bravo à lui et à sa famille
    sinon j’adore cet article
    Keep going Natacha *.*