So long, winter blues!

Now that #Polarvortex has become as much of a trend as florals, lace, and old-school athletic gear, it’s time to take action. That means, stepping out from underneath your Netflix marathon, and engaging in some form of human interaction.

Make plans. It will give you an incentive to leave your apartment when it’s snowing, blizzarding, freezing or raining. Get up. Lipstick. Out the door.

Book a gym class. Bikram yoga or spinning? Endorphins=good. Jar of nutella= not so good.

Find an inspiring and exciting book. The New York Times bestseller list is always a good source.

Start planning a summer trip. That’s as tropical as you can get while wearing a winter coat and cashmere socks.

Explore your city. Yes, now. Go to that speakeasy cocktail bar you just found on Thrillist, and put your trust in the bartender. Or…try a new restaurant or coffee shop. (You can find inspiration on Eater).

Channel your inner cultural self. What’s new at the theatre? Grab a friend and go see a show!

Also, here’s a quote I stumbled upon for inspiration. “Summer bodies are made in the winter.” Yes, underneath those bundles of layers and coats, there is reason to hit the gym and prep for bikini season. A reason to not fall into the “winter blues” trap. We got this!

Whose with me…?

By Alexis Bendjouia

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    wise words