Artful Eating

Raphael Castoriano, the mastermind behind Kreemart (right) pictured with Maurizio Cattelan at the launch of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s book TOILETPAPER

Raphael Castoriano, art adviser and creative genius behind Kreemart, crafted an ingenious breakthrough in the art world, which combined dessert and art (not as naive as it sounds.) As renowned pastry chefs team up with artists, life-size edibles are popping up from Miami to Moscow. We had a quick word with the man.


Well hello to you, edible Debbie “Blondie” Harry at the MOCA Los Angeles Annual Gala, 2011 in a collab with Marina Abromovic



Not your typical cake…?


What was the inspiration behind Kreemart?

The inspiration behind Kreemart was pure boredom as well as wanting to give artists a new medium…sweet, sugar, cake.

Can you briefly describe the process that goes on from choosing a celeb, to making her edible?

The celeb was chosen by Marina Abramovic for the MOCA project “Blondie” Deborah Harry. Marina wanted hers bushy and Deborah Harry’s bejeweled

Favorite place to grab a cocktail?

You mean cock or tail?

Cock: The Cock Bar

Tail: …at Petco

But actually…Temple Bar in Noho

Book on your nightstand right now?

The book on my nightstand now is Nothing by Janne Teller

Best way to start the day?

The best start to any day is kissing my two children

An artist you can’t get enough of?

I can’t get enough of all Kreemart artists and those to come.

Written by Alexis Bendjouia

PS. Now that we’re on the topic of the arts, Scope Basel Art Fair is on the prowl, with its newest location on the Rhine; June 10-16.

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