Decadence, Lavishness and Mystery

What can possibly be frightening when Fendi, Karl, Cara and Saskia merge forces? A mysterious and dangerous invitation involving top of the line supermodels wrapped up in fur sets a chilling tone to welcome the new Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection. It all begins with a mysterious guest inviting two sophisticated young women to a majestic mansion. The “dinner party” ends up being a private encounter…that then requires salvation. Check out a glimpse of Karl Lagerfeld’s video before it goes live on on this coming Thursday!

So what do you think ? Excited ? Tell me! xoNS

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  1. Kate says:

    Love it ! He’s so talented

  2. Caroline says:

    Ca change des pubs de d’habittude, j’aime beaucoup.
    Merci de nous faire partager

  3. hailey says:

    Cara is so stunning !