Festival spotlight


Style Stalking...

If there weren't flower crowns and fringe, did it really happen? Yes, it most definitely did. Coachella is in full effect and we get to reap all the "street" style benefits of it. With festival-goers frolicking about in denim, flowers, ruffles, floppy hats and more, we get

Beating the Sunday scaries


Hi, Monday!

"Sunday Scaries" are a thing. You know when you start to get minor pangs of anxiety about the week ahead and then suddenly your bright and beautiful Sunday that you've been longing for and in dire need of turns into a potential meltdown because...Monday is coming? Well, that's fixable.

Decor Jealousy


Home Inspo

You know those dreamy homes that you just stare at online and in the magazines and repeatedly tell yourself that that's what your future abode will look like? Yeah, these are some of those. A little more on the bohemian side than anything else, these cozy rooms and bathrooms may make you

What Beef ?


Meet These Veggie Burgers

There are cheeseburgers, and there are veggie burgers. While both items are on opposite sides of the food spectrum, sometimes all you're chasing is that burger craving. You want something smushed in between two toasted buns, slathered with lettuce, tomato, onions, potentially a fried egg, and a few other dressed up accoutrements. And if you don't want to go for the beef at lunch (it makes some people

All things coconut

Coconut with jars of coconut oil and cosmetic cream on wooden ba


For the hair! If you haven't picked up on the fascination of using coconut oil for multipurpose living (i.e. not only in your cooking, but also as a beauty remedy), it's not too late to get on board. While it may have gotten tons of love in the spotlight, it's for good reason. And with that, let's talk hair and beauty.

Thirsty Thursdays


Hold the liquor

While sometimes there is no better feeling then curling up on the couch at the end of a long day and pouring yourself (a few glasses of) red wine, or hitting the bar with some girlfriends and getting a bottle for the table, there are other times when you are craving something that's not water, not alcoholic, not soda and not...boring. For that,

I see you summer


Kind of...

Okay maybe we still have a few months until summertime actually rolls around, but that's why it's a good time to start plotting, dreaming and planning. This time around, yoga retreats and eco-friendly resorts are on the radar, and there's a wide variety of destinations to choose from. I don't know about you but lounging poolside on a hammock with healthy food