Toast 2.0


Don't Fear the Carb

There are only so many days we can wake up and eat a plate of egg whites and sliced avocado. Breakfast and snack routines eventually get old, and we end up wanting and craving something that's more exciting than...a banana or granola bar. Here comes toast. Take a slice of bread and pop it in a toaster, and the



Spiralized Veggies

Spiralizing your vegetables is nothing new. Zucchini noodles have been a thing for quite some time now. But ever since the world discovered you can make a pasta-like dish out of vegetables, new ingredients and dishes started to take form. And when you're out of ideas for what you can

#weekend Mood


And Mode.

Everyone knows that it's kind of rosé weather. It's also Friday, and basically the weekend, and here is a glimpse of all the feels that are coming to life over the next two days. And months? It starts with watermelon rosé margaritas because that sounds like a cup of life being refreshed over ice. And then, there's a melange of random things

Lace Them up


Sneaker Style

Summer is great and all because you can just throw on the nearest mini dress or frayed denim shorts and with a vintage or plain white tshirt and walk out the door (more or less), but then there's always the shoes. And when you're out and about and roaming the streets, let's be real: it's all about your sneakers.

Festival spotlight


Style Stalking...

If there weren't flower crowns and fringe, did it really happen? Yes, it most definitely did. Coachella is in full effect and we get to reap all the "street" style benefits of it. With festival-goers frolicking about in denim, flowers, ruffles, floppy hats and more, we get

Beating the Sunday scaries


Hi, Monday!

"Sunday Scaries" are a thing. You know when you start to get minor pangs of anxiety about the week ahead and then suddenly your bright and beautiful Sunday that you've been longing for and in dire need of turns into a potential meltdown because...Monday is coming? Well, that's fixable.

Decor Jealousy


Home Inspo

You know those dreamy homes that you just stare at online and in the magazines and repeatedly tell yourself that that's what your future abode will look like? Yeah, these are some of those. A little more on the bohemian side than anything else, these cozy rooms and bathrooms may make you