Paradis de la Couture


Paris Couture Week

Have you ever looked at an outfit and thought "this is pure art"? No? Well, that's exactly how I'm watching the Elie Saab fashion show this past week. His show is one of my favorites, and the couture collection truly embodies the craftsmanship and what it really means to be sewing because of each piece of clothing is genuine art. The theme of the show is "Of Forms And Light," and the many breathtaking designs depicting organic shapes, extraordinary detailing, and marvelous styles ranging from long gowns, hi-low dresses, short cocktail dresses and even pantsuits.

Hungry for Hungary


Something like that

What I meant to say was, I totally have a thing for Hungarian fashion. Last October, I visited Budapest and met Hungarian designer Dóri Tomcsányi, of Tom Csanyi, and loved, wanted and needed everything. Enter my world of laying my hands on this printed jumpsuit, and the rest was history. The brand describes

Earring mode


Still Boho

All things LF, part two. But first, can we talk about these earrings? All the beads, and all the colors. Okay, glad we had that talk. Next is just about lounging around in denim and boho-inspired tops with some sneakers to make for an easy day of roaming about

Miami Hangouts


Head to Toe LF

When I land in Miami, I feel this wave of instant vacation wash over me, and...all things beach, sun, sand and beyond bring me into a great element of peace where I can lounge and stroll island style. You don't feel that constant rush of being in a busy city like New York or London, you kind of just

I am poison


via Dior

AKA, I see spring and I'm into this bomber jacket. Sheer floral dresses (or tunics) and denim aside, I smell spring and I'm ready for the change of season. And with that, I find that bomber jackets are a great transitional piece when bidding farewell (well, almost...) to cold weather

All things ink

TTC 2017 image 2

The Tattoo Collective

There's a brand new exhibition showcasing the best in tattoos from British and Irish studios, and it's happening in London next week at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane! On February 17, 18 and 19, Tattoo Life Magazine has selected 150 of the most innovative tattoo artists around the country to launch

Pop of Punk


All things LF

Well, minus the shoes and the coat I guess--those are Saint Laurent. But other than that, LF is my go-to for all types of staples and essentials when I land in New York or Miami. Whether I'm in the head-to-toe black state of mind, or in need of some bright and colorful floral prints for summer, I know I don't have to worry about