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Natacha Darty, AKA Natacha Steven. Steven is actually my younger brother (or partner in crime), so I figured as my other half, he deserved a piece of my website name.


French fashion blogger. Chocolate connoisseur. Relentlessly curious.
Travel aficionada. Exposed shopaholic.


Born in Paris. Lived in Sao Paulo.
Finally complete in NYC.


My blog was born in January 2012.
I have contributed to L’Officiel Magazine, where I won the “New Digital Talent” prize in 2012.


I want to share my inspirations, aspirations, discoveries, passions and must-haves with the world. Whether it’s an emergency sample sale notification, a new restaurant on the block, or the latest in anything fashion or beauty, I am here to bare my secrets to all. #sharingiscaring