Cool Blues


Hello, Summer

Little dresses are here, so is the sunshine and summer, and floral prints and lots of leg. I'm always a fan of cinching dresses with a fun belt, and B-low the belt has been whipping out some awesome pieces lately that work well with anything and everything. Day and night, night and day. The last few days were all about the Tommy Hilfiger maxi dresses, but often times, a mini Jay Ahr piece works some serious wonders.

Tommy takes two


Another Day, Another Dress

And after all is said and done, that's not a terrible motto to live by. I'm still crushing on the whole Tommy Hilfiger collection. Essentially, every piece. Yesterday was day one of long colorful dresses and I was feeling the need to opt for a round two. I love the versatility of the collection, the fact that I can wear these dresses around the clock for so many different occasions and in the end

Vacation Vibes


Tommy Style

I got my hands on a few Tommy Hilfiger Collection pieces and now I'm slightly addicted to the entire spring/summer 2016 collection. I've always had a thing (and fling) with all things Hawaiian-inspired, so the whole bright floral element here is extremely appealing to me. Everything seems really vacation-like, which is awesome, plus there's a hippy side that brings out my inner gypsy love.

Flower Power


Mood: Pink

Back at it in the streets of New York City, a home base I kind of miss and always feel the need to frequent often. Today was a bright floral kind of day, because that's instant happiness. And, hello pink! Sometimes (maybe usually?) the brighter, the better. And today I wasn't feeling nonchalant. And for those kind of moods,

Artful Outing


à la Warhol

A while back, a limited edition Diane von Furstenberg silk wrap dress with Andy Warhol's signature flowers debuted, and it seemed like the ultimate marriage of art and fashion that would be tough to pass up. And so it was. DVF's signature chain links with Warhol's floral print launched to celebrate 40 years of the DVF wrap dress, and it was a pretty epic way to

Caftan Calling


It's here

Printed colorful caftans remind me of vacation. I definitely don't mind the feeling of being transported poolside. I recommend it. And all things LF and Topshop--and I say this in hopes of not sounding like a broken record since I emphasize these places often. It's only because I find so many essentials there!

Leopard lounging


Because Summer

I love a good leopard print. (Doesn't everyone?) Especially a pair of easy summer shorts that can roll with anything at all times. Having a few printed pieces is always a good idea for when you're not in the mood for an all black or all white day on the town. And obviously, LF has become my common go-to when seeking out fun, easy summer pieces. Other than that,