A Year in Review

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It's Been Real

As 2015 comes to a close (how did this happen so fast?), it's time for the annual fashion review. From bohemian ensembles to print mixing, the standard black attire, and the occasional fur appearance, it's been a great 12 months of experimenting with new styles, designers, and colors. A few go-to's will remain forever favorites (I don't think I can ever part without my

DIY Goodies

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'Tis the season

Yes, store-bought cookies, sweets, and treats are a safe and easy route for holiday season gift-giving. Setting aside time to cook can be a separate mission within itself. Even so, it's still always nice to opt for the homemade goods and send along something that has a personal touch. Something that required dirtying up your whole kitchen to produce with love!

Belting Out

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Mix it Up

When in doubt, belt it. Belts are another fun and versatile garment with endless possibilities. When you have too much fabric, need to emphasize a waistline (or recreate it), add a quick and easy detail, or just keep your pants up, belts come to the rescue. There are so many ways to wear a belt, and

Faux Real

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But really just faux

I have a profound love for the world of faux fur. It runs deep in a way that the last time I purchased a faux fur garment (my UrbanCode patchy coat from Luisa Via Roma), I practically ate, slept, and lived in it for a solid two weeks. Don't get me wrong, I have a side that likes to indulge in all things fur, while rummaging through my grandma's closet to see what I can snatch, but I like the accessibility and ease of faux

The Fit All, Do All

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Purses can be tricky. Looks first, functionality second, is the often the preferred state of mind. But when you can find the perfect marriage of the two, and snatch a bag that's both spacious and pretty, it's practically the golden ticket. Enter the satchel. A bag that carries a world of it's own, that can also carry...more than your lipstick and phone. Moleskine agenda, banana, sunglasses, hand lotion,

Gift Guide

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For All your Men

It's clearly the gift-giving, event gathering season. What's unclear is what to get for all the men in your life! Dads, brothers, friends, boyfriends, husbands--all of them. While nailing the ultimate gift can seem like a stressful undertaking, this handy little guide will solve all confusion. From cool backpacks to funky printed Happy Socks,

Legging Life

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A tight bond

Leggings are practically a second skin (literally) and that is for good reason. Whether we are throwing on some gym pants or rocking out with suede or leather leggings, this garment is a closet staple that we are quite familiar with by now. The thing is, the variety is endless. And with several occasions in the air, it's good to set your eyes on a few pairs.