Heaven: Found

So I found out that dreams do come true...with just a glance at the Chanel Haute Couture showroom. I got to marvel at the entire collection that jets around landing in the hands of VIP clientele. Karl Lagerfeld's inspiration came from the ornaments and decor of Versailles, le corbusier and baroque. He meshed all of these inspirations, paired them with modernity, and neoprene and concrete-like fabrics and ended up with this masterpiece of a collection.

Creme de la creme

So goodbye NYFW--I said my farewells in a neutral ensemble and a few new toys. Well, really just this new cuff I'm crushing on from Artelier Mx, the maps on it remind me to just keep traveling and roaming the world (plus doubles as jewelry so...win-win). Then there was a private dinner for Meskita, a Brazilian brand by Alessandra Meskita, which also included her team and some of FHits Brazilian bloggers.
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Runways and realities

Today I went for a head-to-toe SS15 Milly ensemble to get in the groove of welcoming this season's new trends. And after seeing what she has coming for us, this won't be the first of the pieces I get my hands on! I'm ready to bring these booties back, they were a staple in my colder weather days and now that my feet got a nice little rest yesterday, I'm back in action.