Blaiz Pop Up


Come Play!

Alright, here's what's going down this weekend. I'm hosting a style lab on Sunday at Blaiz, a stylish UK showroom that represent a varied selection of brands your going to want to stash in your closet asap. I want to invite all my readers to come by on Sunday for the opening, so we can meet, and I can assist in shopping and styling :)


Juices & Smoothies

Ah, the feeling of entering early weekdays/reality after a food and drink marathon of a weekend can sometimes feel less than ideal. But that's what the weekends are for, right? Eating your way through town with friends and family, and going for delicious cocktails and brunches until you go to sleep Sunday

Therapeutic Things



Aside from the delicious smell that spreads throughout the space when you light incense, there are a few other benefits to note in the meditation and general well-being department. The varying aromas are known to stimulate different things--from frankincense, sandalwood, and sage scents there to help stere negative energy away, while also

A remix


Sporty Meets Sexy

At last, another look in head to toe Forte Forte. This time around, I've hit the sporty side of life, though not without adding a little bit I'm going to have to start by saying that I want to live, sleep and breathe all things velvet pants because I feel like I'm being surrounded by a cloud. Noted for upcoming travel gear,

Until Next Time


Bye Bye Fashion Week

Ah, it's a wrap. As exhilarating as globetrotting to and from New York, London, Milan and Paris may seem (don't get me wrong! No complaints here), it's equally slightly tiring...However, one can never really get tired of Paris. So there's that. And while I was sustaining my fashion sense and wardrobe on the Forte Forte collection, the same goes for this red gown. I'll always love a red gown.

Going for the gold


The silk dream

I know I rocked this look in black already this week, but I couldn't resist this shade of gold. Something about the color and the vibe just feels very serene and relaxed, but different from the daily shades. I mentioned my thing for Italian brand Forte Forte, so I guess this is just reinforcing it, but I'm not one to resist silky golden ensembles. (Are you?) And the good thing about neutral attire is the ability

Forte Forte Takes 2


Neutral Style

I guess yesterday I took a walk on the darker side, with a head to toe in black ensemble, while today I was feeling the lighter shades. I told you I had a new thing for Forte Forte, so I'll be...exploring that brand these days. And when the change of the seasons come around, there's nothing quite as comforting as a big cozy coat. And while we can embrace