Milan Fashion Week with …

Olympus PEN Generation!

Milan strikes again! Aside from exploring the city by way of pasta and pizza dosages, it’s been incredible to take in all the beauty and life of the city. Don’t worry, you’ll get the full documentation I’ve conquered with my Olympus E-PL7!

In the action

Milan Fashion Week

As the European ambassador for Olympus, I'm on a Milan Fashion Week coverage mission--stay tuned for updates on their site later on in the week, I have a fun story coming your way. Today was a black and cream kind of day, with one of my all time favorite bags, and some fur to wrap up in. I've also decided to switch up my one month streak of Lennon Ray

Long live denim

Jacket edition

Denim has become as prevalent as your ordinary soy latte. You know, inevitable around every corner around town, and you happen to be a big fan yourself. Anyways, a jean jacket is a pretty staple and no-fail piece to throw on top of anything. Whether it's an LBD, or a culotte and oversized sweater attire, a little denim never fails.