Summer Faves


A la Sunday St Tropez

Even the name of the brand within itself makes you reminisce about oceanfront bottles of rosé in the south of France. Or maybe that’s me just getting slightly carried away. Anyways, summer. I get very much in beachy dress mode, and always love an easy boho-inspired piece. I did a small collaboration with Sunday St Tropez, and found three looks that I ultimately could not live without, so I’ll showcase my favorites throughout the week. Last year, I did something similar (via these outfits here), and I was in need of a round two. Also, I had taken a small blog and social media break and did some travels, and now I’m back, feeling refreshed, and excited to reconnect. Natacha xx

Beat the Bloat


It's Still Summer

But even if it weren't, there are a few standard anti-bloat tricks that are helpful to have in your back pocket. Ditching salt is one of the best known ways to keep a flat belly around, so shop around for some new seasonings so you can still pack a punch of flavor into your food. Dairy and carbs are also common contenders for belly

Summer Shades


--> Red

Maxi dresses are one of summer's serious essentials. Especially the kind that don't require much accessorizing, and that you can throw (or gracefully place) in any carry-on knowing that it will arrive at your destination wrinkle-free and ready to party. So that's part of the idea behind

Keeping it Cool


Refreshing Summer Breakfasts

Here are a few things that will get you out of bed on a hot, sunny, summer morning. (Aside from that first cup of coffee.) From smoothie bowls to chia pudding, açai bowls and more, these recipes are easy to make, while being deliciously satisfying and healthy.

The Girly Details


Pearly Denim, etc.

Today was a head to toe Zara kind of day. I love a good accessorized touch, and when I spotted an abundance of pearls latched onto a good pair of jeans, I said mine. I'm all for a simple pair of blue jeans, but I'm also all about

Flower Power


+ espadrilles and denim

So many flowers today!! Makes me happy. There's nothing like bringing some fresh flowers home and brightening the space with natural beautiful things. Anyways, I found this floral jumpsuit at Topshop and figured it was an easy summer piece, with a lovely floral print.

Cheers to the 4th!

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 3.43.10 PM

All the Inspo you need

From assembling a simple and cute outfit, to getting your hands on a great hostess gift, to a few simple recipes if you're hosting yourself, here are a few guide points to make your 4th a perfect one. Ray Bans, espadrilles, denim, red lipstick, summer prints and

Beauty and the Beach

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 10.39.08 PM

All things SPF, etc.

Getting a glowing summer bronze is great and all, but let's do so with SPF infused products so we're getting some color while not damaging our skin. Whether it's straight SPF for the face to head to the beach, or one with a hint of color for daily life, there's a few options that

Summer neutrals


à la Zara

Since we already know Zara is basically the one stop shop for all seasons, there's no need to delve into too many specifics, but I did find this top, pants and bag there and had a really easy time getting dressed this morning! I also have this thing for straw bags, whether they're flea market or Etsy finds, or from any boutique, they're just such an easy

Views for Days


Rooftop Life

Rosé weather is here, which naturally means you are seeking a rooftop to lounge and sip it from. With a prolonged winter and practically no spring, let's just call this summer and start the rooftop rotation.  Gather your tinted SPF, shades, straw bag and chapstick, and head to the following places:

Pops of color


Hello, Red!

I found this top lingering around the endless world that is Topshop, and it was an instant moment of scored--you're mine. I love a good bright red, and this shade felt kind of perfect. Ruffles and red paired with some simple denim made for an easy day of summer hang outs. Might work in some white denim into the mix with this top again shortly. Anyways, good day

Instant Summer

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.47.13 PM

3, 2, 1...

Go. There are a few things in life that scream instant summer (hello, crochet top and flamingo pool float), and it's kind of that time, so let's all get on board as we summon this so called sunshine. Whether you're strolling around your own city, having some pool time, or getting out of town, there's always need for a little summer dress, a cool pair of shades, and a

Cold Shoulder


 The Summer Effect

Back in London and was definitely feeling all things green today. Mercedes Salazar always works wonders in the statement jewelry department, so any time I can get my hands on a funky pair, it's a no brainer. Then obviously Zara for anything needed for all seasons at all times, and I loved this simple little off the shoulder

Popsicles 101


Dessert Revelations

It's summer and ice cold everything should always be in arm's reach. Okay, maybe this leans more towards iced lattes and matcha frozen yogurts than pints of cookie dough ice cream, but we're getting somewhere. Hello, popsicles! Seriously, these are underrated and deserve to have some time to shine outside of a freezer

Wrap dresses & espadrilles

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.28.26 AM

a la French

Espadrilles have the ability to instantly make any look appear vacation-ready. And wrap dresses have this ease about them; you can just throw them on and go with the flow. No fuss. And then there's the combo! The joy of pairing wrap dresses with espadrilles that truly indicates