So what if maybe there's a new daily fad that encompasses some kind of new superfood, matcha, ginger, or miracle combination? If there's enough backing and it does no harm, there's no reason to not get on the bandwagon. And so it goes, in the name of turmeric, an herby cousin of the ginger family, that packs a

Tiny Tats


Top picks

So this may be some under the radar news here, but last week while in New York, I hit up Bang Bang, an awesome tattoo shop in Nolita that works with the Rihanna and Justin Bieber people of the world, and got my second tat by Balazs. It's a quote down my spine that says "she who endurs conquers," something

Dress Mode


Stripe Style

Long live Zara for all seasons, occasions and attire. They never disappoint. Summer is all about the fun and flirty dresses, and this one hit all the necessary notes. I'm also still crushing on these Alexander Wang sandals, and foresee them coming out to play a lot this season. They add the perfect pop to elevate an

Spring Breakfast


By the Bowl

No need to ramble on the importance of breakfast and the endless possibilities attached to the meal. There is however a need to showcase some beautiful spring breakfast bowls that you're going to want to start making ASAP. Put your eggs and avocado toast aside for a quick

Silky Smooth


The Jacket, that is

Zara is always on point with their bomber jackets. And silky bomber jackets are ideal for practically anything and everything. Especially in black, with some floral detail. Whether you throw it over a bandeau and pair it with some denim, or slip it over an LBD, it's a good versatile piece that adds an instant pick-me-up. Who doesn't need one of

Gym Things


Peony & Me

The "gym thing" is real. Exercise-wear has become a widespread phenomenon, and with good reason. Also, let's be real, often times we get our hands on some great fitness gear and end up wearing it...not to the gym. There's also an abundance of workout gear out there, and sifting through the brands can sometimes be overwhelming. But then I

Bright whites


& flea market finds

Flea markets are my jam. I usually get lucky with a random dress and a wicker basket that turns into a purse (but may hold a sandwich). You need patience and it requires some effort and digging around, but all it takes is one good find to make the whole venture an adventure. On that note, this bag and jacket were flea market