A glimpse of spring

Serious Couture

Spring couture season is among us and the Paris runways are looking sexier than ever.

Christian Dior featured some patent leather thigh-high boots in a can’t-miss color, which make an entrance before you even arrive. The mix of mini, mid, and long hems make for a versatile collection with an eccentric mix of colors and textures. Overstated and sophisticated, a combination that's likely hit or miss.

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Whether you take things oversize for comfort, style, coziness, or...hiding some winter pounds, the oversize trend works wonders for all occasions and musings. Blazers are a good start to going big because they can be thrown on top of anything from jeans to dresses (and more.) I've reunited with my fringe boots from way back in the day, since digging up

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It's no secret that I have a bit of a fur fetish for anything Yves Salomon. Some days, fur is the way to go, and it always just keeps you warm, cozy and stylish at the same time (not many things fit that description.) And nobody should have to sacrifice style based on cold weather! Even though it's pretty cold in London, if I'm not bundled up at home, I'm layering