The New Denim

Well, not exactly new new, but the emphasis on front pockets and buttons is a great change from the norm. Today I kept it minimalist, city style kind of girl. Denim and stripes can go a long way if you allow them to! And since accessories thing, there is never completion without an "it" bag, and some stacked up jewels. Plus, I decided to switch up

Girl crush

h2>A la Isabel Marant I have an everlasting no-fail girl crush on anything Isabel Marant puts her hands on. Every single season. Maybe it's the Parisian inside me. This time around, her shoe collection made me seriously crave every sandal! It looks like those shell ones were almost made for me. This sandal roundup has an understated coolness in the pieces--nothing is loud,

Scarf life

h2>The necessary accessory Okay, so...spring. And Burberry. And scarves. Let's discuss this. Burberry's Spring/Summer collection was something special, as per usual, since Christopher Bailey never ceases to amaze us. There was lots of sheer, bold colors, bows cinched at the waist, and a princess-punky vibe toned down with denim jackets and the likes. I've always been a scarf