Thirsty Thursdays


Hold the liquor

While sometimes there is no better feeling then curling up on the couch at the end of a long day and pouring yourself (a few glasses of) red wine, or hitting the bar with some girlfriends and getting a bottle for the table, there are other times when you are craving something that's not water, not alcoholic, not soda and not...boring. For that,

I am poison


via Dior

AKA, I see spring and I'm into this bomber jacket. Sheer floral dresses (or tunics) and denim aside, I smell spring and I'm ready for the change of season. And with that, I find that bomber jackets are a great transitional piece when bidding farewell (well, almost...) to cold weather

I see you summer


Kind of...

Okay maybe we still have a few months until summertime actually rolls around, but that's why it's a good time to start plotting, dreaming and planning. This time around, yoga retreats and eco-friendly resorts are on the radar, and there's a wide variety of destinations to choose from. I don't know about you but lounging poolside on a hammock with healthy food

Mom Jeans


You need them

Just because we're calling them mom jeans, that doesn't mean you're going to look like an old mom wearing them! If you play it right and do the necessary pairings or belting or whatever combination you're into at the present moment, "mom" jeans are actually hot. And you should get on board because...skinny jeans are great and

Green on the scene


Get involved

Adding plants and flowers to any home or workplace instantly lightens and brightens the vibes while effortlessly elevating the space. Be it mini succulents or cacti, or any special mood or energy boosting plants (those are a thing!), it's a quick and easy add on and...plants make people happy!

Restless Sleepers


Kimono Club

I love the effortless feeling of throwing on a good silky printed kimono. It can almost give off the I woke up like this vibe, even though we all know nobody actually wakes up like that. Regardless, when you're not quite in the mood for a dress, jumpsuit, or denim and tshirt kind of day, a kimono is a good alternative that may not immediately come to mind.

Garden Glam


Floral Moods

I'm always drawn to floral prints. To me, they're a go-to in the world of all things feminine and flirty that work throughout all seasons and occasions. So when I found a black and white Giambattista Valli floral coat, I was practically instantly lured in. Then there comes the pairing with these Saint Laurent booties that have endured

Parisian days


& Mini Accessories

I love a good, printed, flowy dress for transitional in-between weather. It's not quite spring, but not exactly coat weather either, so a light dress with a leather jacket did the trick. Also, clearly nothing fits inside this dangling little Valentino accessory, but it's a fun accent to throw on top of anything because...why not? And then, there was these