Summer in the winter

h2>Cue the Straw bag Until now, straw bags may have been strictly associated with beach umbrellas, sun-kissed vacations, and tropical life. But enter the straw bag that's suitable for winter-ish life, and it can be a surprising game changer for casual outings about town. An easy way to

Fully studded


Valentino, etc.

I've been a fan of all things Valentino rockstud since the very debut and inception. But when turquoise stones were added to the metal mix, I was like Ha, this has got to be mine. Immediately. And ever since laying my hands on this bag, it's become a neutral

5 eggs recipes


that aren't boring

Eggs are a life staple and essential. Practically like water. They're a great source of protein, therefore are an important starting point to all things breakfast and beyond. And...what would brunch be without a scramble, omelette, frittata, quiche, fried egg on avocado toast, and yeah--you get the point.

Shaggy Things


i.e. cardigans

I'm often in the mood to just throw on a pair of jeans and a tank and hit the road. So I do. But sometimes, you need to find those little extra pieces that add any kind of touch to your overall look--just because. This was a find from Lovers + Friends and I'm into the burnt caramel color too.

The bodysuit


And Fringe Denim

Sometimes, all you need is an all black denim day with a simple bodysuit and a fun pair of heels and you're good to go. I'm all about frays and fringes, so these Zara jeans and these Aquazurra heels were both negotiable. A statement shoe goes a long way, especially when you're keeping the rest simple and just need

Coat Check



In case you haven't noticed, coat season is in full effect! All things leopard, camo, furry and faux should have emerged from the cracks and crevices of our wardrobe and into arms reach to prepare us to take on the outside world. Barely. Anyways, if you're still on the lookout, there is a small spectrum of basics to seek out that will have you covered. Not sure where to begin? Camel is always a safe

All that Glitters


Studio 54 Edition

Sometimes (but only sometimes), less is more. That doesn't go with my mood on New Year's though. The more, the better. Sparkles? Yes! All of them. And then some. So this round, I rung in 2017 a la Saint Laurent, celebrating in proper Studio 54 and disco theme. Anyways,

A Year in Review


It's Been Real, 2016

Every year, I delve into the outfit archive and pull out some of my favorite outfits from each month. It gives me a good snapshot of what I wore, some pieces I can't live without, and where I was out and about each month. It gives me a solid overview of the year that is coming to a close, and in turn makes