Being candid with Santa

Necessary Accessories

Camera transportation should be trendy too! In order to protect my Olympus on the go, I’m going with this camel colored leather case. A shoulder strap is essential too—especially since this is the kind of camera you can wear daily, instead of hiding it in your purse! This fabric strap is light and easy. I like the leather caps because they give the
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Wearing bright colours in winter

The Brighter the Better

No matter what kind of day you are having, I am guaranteeing that if you throw on this multicolor cardigan coat, your day will automatically become more upbeat and happy. Look at all those bright colors! I'm all for something bright and out-there, and today, this did the trick. Pair it with some dark denim and awesome heels, and I'm good to go practically

The Kimono Bomber

The Game-changing Garment

My longing love for all things kimonos is not a well-kept secret. The same thing goes for my infatuation with anything and everything Isabel Marant. So when I came across this jacket, that was equal parts kimono and bomber, it was basically love at first sight. Also, I'm all for changing up everyday denim for flirty skirts or leather pants when that