Tricky trend

...but we're going for it! The shoe game is ever-evolving and always bringing in something exciting. This time around, it's socks! Just find the right pair and rock this trend with confidence. Here are a few ideas of how to pair the trend successfully! And some cool socks to get your foot in the game.
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Heading West

Most women already have the necessary pieces in their closets to rock the western trend. The perfect denim top is usually the right starting point. Throw on some booties, you can be creative with the bottom part (skirt, jeans, plaid, etc.) and the rest falls into place! I'm still inspired by the Western Coast of Canada...West side here we come!

Sunday Funday

In the spirit of summer, Sundays, relaxing weekends, seeking adventure, spending great company with friends outdoors, traveling, and eating delicious things, this weekend's inspiration sums up that very essence. With a saffron fig cake and a beautiful iced coffee, of course. Okay, and maybe a little village in Italy.