The lace black skirt

I have my days of wild, vivid and bold colors, and then there are days where black is king. Exhibit A: Today...This black maxi skirt is a great, versatile find that can be dressed up or down, like this or with an oversized gray cashmere sweater and some moto boots for the chillier days. And in the end, lace is lace and it's always a playful and sexy go-to for all occasions and seasons.

Endless Summer?

Here I am, back in Paris for a few moments to celebrate the Olympus camera launch! As one of the selected European ambassadors, I've been able to experience the camera-ready life first hand, and I love what I'm seeing while in front and behind the lens. Tribal and chiffon are two great go-to's and when paired together to create the perfect pants, with a casual crochet top

Head to toe

I'm excited about welcoming leather and plaid into my daily life (not that it was ever absent), but it's officially leather weather and that's a beautiful thing--while it's not freezing and gray of course! I'm all dressed up in McGregor (both outfits!) A black leather skirt may not be as commonplace as the everyday leather jacket and pants, but it's a great staple to keep wearing