How to decorate your home for Thanksgiving

Gifts & decore galore

That day of giving thanks while eating everything in sight for hours and hours until your jeans burst and you retire to the couch (oh wait, maybe this is just some of us...) is just around the corner. And many of us are either invited to a dinner or hosting at home, in which case gathering inspiration for home decorating as well as perfect and affordable hostess gifts are essentials.

The Fall & winter dress

black, knitted dress

I love finding easy dresses that work with chilly weather. Especially the kind that have a cozy touch and just need some tights under to work their magic. Today's dress qualifies under that description. More than that, since my Georgian getaway, I've kept an eye out for local designers that I stumbled
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Punk glam make up

Tutorial : flawless skin & dark lips

This week-end, I attended a themed Birthday party : Berlin Underground. The perfect timing to test a new make-up style, well actually make-up (dot!) considering these days my beauty routine pretty much entails blush and white mat powder...