Black & brown look

all about the fur

It's no secret that I have a bit of a fur fetish for anything Yves Salomon. Some days, fur is the way to go, and it always just keeps you warm, cozy and stylish at the same time (not many things fit that description.) And nobody should have to sacrifice style based on cold weather! Even though it's pretty cold in London, if I'm not bundled up at home, I'm layering

About military boots

Combat style

Black is black, and that is the end of story! These boots were on the wish list for a bit until making their way into my closet once and for all, but the wait was worth it. By wish list for a while, I mean...approximately a year. And than, there's the tricky part, which is the faux leather  leggings. And while I'm always a big proponent for that leather

The fur diaries

keeping it warm

Stripes, fur and sneakers - absolutely. If it's fur weather, rock it. And...when you can throw on some comfortable sneakers, well, might as well take advantage of giving your feet a rest too. Now that I've checked all these things off, it's been a pretty good day in London.