The black & white trend

About the monochrome...

Okay, so leather is an investment piece. But I've had these pants for a while now and am so thankful for the purchase! They go with every single thing I can think of. Day and night. Also, be on the lookout for great faux-leather pieces too, I've scored from skirts from Zara that do the trick, and sometimes they're good enough to blur the lines. But there's nothing like a good leather jacket,
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Power of the choker

A statement piece of jewelry goes a long way. Whether it's an oversized earring, chunky set of rings or a bold necklace, it's an easy way to make an outfit playful and fun. I'm still squeezing in the spring state of mind, with some casual florals, lace, denim and mules out on the town. Anything colorful and boho-like is always a closet staple of mine, and I try to find a way to incorporate

The lace black skirt

I have my days of wild, vivid and bold colors, and then there are days where black is king. Exhibit A: Today...This black maxi skirt is a great, versatile find that can be dressed up or down, like this or with an oversized gray cashmere sweater and some moto boots for the chillier days. And in the end, lace is lace and it's always a playful and sexy go-to for all occasions and seasons.