Wrapped up

Ever Since Cara Delevingne strutted down that Burberry runway rocking this poncho, I guess I was kind of smitten, and knew that somehow...it would have to make it's way into my wardrobe for fall. NB are my married initials by the way! So in the name of Paris Fashion Week and weather that permits, the poncho is a perfect accessory to wrap around yourself at all times.

Go with the flow-y

As in, flowy dresses while the weather in Paris is still giving. Just after the Guy Laroche show, this shoot was taken at the Grand Palais. And since your looking at one of the new Olympus ambassadors covering Paris Fashion Week, these pictures were snapped with my new E PL7, which will be launching in two weeks! The design, aesthetic and quality of the camera is totally awesome.

My hair color

As a fresh Londoner, I just discovered in my area a treasure for my hair : Aldo Coppola's hair-styling salon. I recently felt like my hair needed a boost both in terms of radiance and contrast, so I decided to give a try to the italian hair care and coloring traditions ...