Flea market finds

Digging Encouraged

As mixing highs and lows is one of my strong points, I often score great finds at H&M and pair them up with some vintage Chanel. This time around, I stumbled upon this straw handbag in a flea market in the south of France and knew it had to be mine immediately. Though if you've never been to Marché aux Puces de Paris/St.-Ouen by Porte de

Sips of Summer

We are thirsty

Ah, cocktail hour....Isn't it always? But especially in the summertime when the sun is shining and you have some company over for a lazy Saturday afternoon of snacks and some good laughs. Okay, and some kind of fruity and refreshing alcoholic beverage is never a bad idea. Here go a few ideas and inspirations in the beverage department.

Good Old Jeans

What Would We...

..Do without a good old denim collection? It's that one garment that everyone can probably agree they have an everlasting love affair with. It almost never fails. It works for practically every occasion. Gets dressed up and down, comes ripped, torn and ultra-worn, but it's always there for us. Not to get too philosophical about a pair of standard