Endless Summer


Holding On

One bodysuit at a time. I'm a fan of the whole bodysuit thing, whether it's being paired with denim, a flowy skirt or some shorts, I'm into it. Urban Outfitters has been a good staple when seeking out a good fit as they always tend to have a nice amount of variety. It's got to have a nice fit, and I often find it comforting to match with a bottom that's not as tight as the top. Hello denim shorts.

Transition Time

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in the shoe dept.

It's that time of year where we're slowly watching summer escape us while we start mentally preparing for fall. Even though it still very well may feel like summer in many places, eventually it'll be out, and we'll want to make sure our shoe game is stepped up and ready to go. That's why there's always some in between shoes that make

It’s a wrap

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Dress Necessities

Everyone knows that Diane Von Furstenberg is the queen of the wrap dress. With her version having just celebrated decades of adorning beautiful female bodies all over the globe, it’s a trend that’s truly eternal and suitable for all kinds of shapes and sizes. And while she’s been queen of the dress for a long time, there are several other styles out there that are worth getting on your radar

Dreamy Decor


Home Envy

Some people have a good eye for detail. They know how to mix and match household goods to elevate an entire room. And those that are really good, know how to mesh the highs and lows, making the Ikea pieces hard to spot. And with this, here are some awesome abodes from around town that will inspire

Healthy Cocktails


Who's Thirsty?

It's summer, it's hot out, you're thirsty, and cocktails are in the air. You may be brunching left and right, or meeting friends for drinks, or doing normal daily things, but chances are, you may be in need of a delicious and refreshing drink, and don't want to pack on loads of sugar and random syrups. For this, we got you covered with some relatively

Girly Girl Outings


Girly Girl Outings

Today was one of those days where I needed to rock out in a feminine frock and strut through the town. I love a good pastel palette, and especially in pink! Plus, when I find a gingham I like, I tend to gravitate towards that print rather quickly. Well, prints in general I suppose. Anyways, the Milan-born Marta Ferri is a good designer to throw on your radar if it isn't already. She really covers the

Casual Outings


Good old Denim

I was a quick fan of Redone denim as soon as I pulled up my first pair. Is it just me or is everyone always on the hunt for denim? It ends up being that one closet staple where you truly cannot have enough of (well, same goes for white tees and black pumps and fifty other things I can think of), but still. I was instantly sold and always love the fit. Anyways, I always love a good jeans