cozy casual


Weekend Gear

I love sweater dresses for all-day lounging purposes, and everything in between. It's a good casual piece for transitional weather before it starts to get way too cold and you need to live in pants (and maybe some leather and fur.) I'm also a major sneaker person and can sometimes live in them, since Converse pair with pretty much everything. These high tops are fun because

Mini Shades


All the Rage

Sunglasses have their phases too. One day, it's all about the reflective mirrored lens, the next it's oversized, and now we're riding back a few decades in time and going for all things micro. The touch of old school vintage is fun, though it may feel a bit intimidating to delve into this trend right away, since we're not used to having sunglasses just cover our eyeballs and not much else these days. Some are smaller than others,

Mini Belting


Fanny Pack 2.0

So, the belt bag is here and you might kind of need it. Hello, convenience! And everything else. Hands-free and ready to roam with a little bit of Gucci (or whatever) at the waist isn't the worst thing ever. It's a fun trend, and it makes you think twice about what "essentials" to pack for day to day living. Sometimes, only lip balm, a mini wallet, your phone and keys make the cut. Here are a few ways to wear it,

Playing Dress Up


Or Not

How often do you throw on something incredibly playful and just leave the house feeling a little giddy because you're headed to a theme party and anything goes? I guess just every Halloween. Therefore, I was excited to have the ultimate excuse to purchase a bright blue faux fur jacket from Urban Outfitters. Though in reality, I can totally get away with wearing

Sporty Spice


Nikes and Silk

As much as I'm all for the ultimate stiletto, I somewhat equally love giving my feet a break and putting on some sneakers. Whether it's a sporty athletic looking sneaker, or more of a run down pair of Converse, or trendier Golden Goose or pair of Stan Smith's, sneakers pretty much work in most situations, dresses.

Hoodies and Heels


also, sparkles

Re/Done denim has been on everyone's radar for quite some time, and I'm still in love with my jeans. They feel a bit old school, though with a great fit. And sometimes when you hit the town in some sexy heels, you want a bit of a cropped pant to let the shoes peep out just the right amount. Anyways, who doesn't love leaving the house in a

Darker Hues


with a view

There's no such thing as an Isabel Marant piece that I do not fall in love with. Same goes for this skirt! Today was more about subtle hues and a slightly metallic edge on the skirt. It's easy to wear denim or dresses all the time, but there's something about a well-fitted skirt and heels that