Color Contrasting


Try It

Everyone keeps trying to hold on to the last remnants of summer, but I'm starting to embrace the welcoming of some cozy sweaters. Nothing against the sunshine! I love migrating to Miami for some beach time, but I'm also into sweater weather. And with that, neutrals are always great and safe and all (leather jackets for life), but sometimes you've got



Trends on Trends

New York Fashion Week continues to run it's course, and the runways summoned up some serious style inspiration for upcoming wardrobes. Different designers spotlighted different trends, but a few of them are essential to note. From glitter and glamour to basics and a hint of edge, here are a few trends to keep on your radar.

City Strolls


Keeping it Casual

No brainer denim and top kind of day, with a good mix of highs and lows. Isabel Marant is a common go to (for anything and everything!), along with any flea market finds--including this bag from Bali. There's never such thing as too much denim, and I tried on this pair from H&M recently and it was an easy new acquisition. I was into a simple look that also

Gone Girly


Polka dots and ruffles

I recently started exploring dresses from the Realisation Par collection and...I don't think there's anything I wouldn't wear or want. I always love a good polka dot of ruffle action, and why not throw in some sneakers to add a hint of casualness. Also, hats. With fall on the horizon, (sorry, but summer is kind

All Hands on Deck


Spotlight: Nails

Nail trends come and go. One day, nail art kind of exploded and all sorts of intricate works of art were ornately drawn onto our our freshly manicured hands to make a fun statement. The next day, it's one out of 10 nails gets a nice glitter revamp, and the list goes on. This time around,

Work it Out


A good sweat

Jogging with upbeat music is fun and all, but there are a few more exercise alternatives that add a bit more excitement to the mix. And while at home workouts are more accessible than ever before (there's an app for everything!), there's something about booking a class that truly makes you commit to the routine. Whether you're working on some core strength at a barre class,

Monday Blues


and zodiac vibes

There's nothing like a perfect, silky slip dress. Whether I'm going for coffee, running errands, or headed to a cocktail party, I love that I can have a one dress fits all situation for any occasion. Whether paired with gladiator sandals, sneakers, or a classic pair of heels, I feel good roaming in this dress essentially anywhere. And after exploring all things Realisation Par, I've