Take a Dip

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Wanna join me?

Of course we have to flaunt this summer body sooner or later! Ladies, throw on your favorite swimsuit and get to the nearest beach or pool. The time is now and you cannot let insecurities keep you from enjoying your life! Take hold of the steering wheel and drive your life in the direction you want it to be.

Island Hideaway

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I hope these days never fade!

  There are some places you find that just align so perfectly with your spirit. Everything about the space feels like a home away from home. The more time you spend there, the mess you actually want to return to your own home. Fisher Island has been my hideaway in Miami and being here just brings me so much peace.

Sparkles, summer, and


all that shines

Hey dolls. May is almost halfway over and it just seems like 2019 is flying by. There is so much to do and so much to explore still and I know sometimes it may feel as if you do not have enough hours in the day to do all that you hope to do. I am just here to tell you that it is definitely time to take a breather and be a bit more forgiving with yourself.

Tropical Dreams and Peaceful Queens

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just take me to the BEACH

HELLO MY LOVES! May is such an awesome month, for transformation. There is much beautiful change that occurs in the Springtime. The flowers are in full bloom and the birds are just as happy as ever. Well of course, almost every day is like that in Miami, but that is beside the point!

Catch Me if You Can

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Keep Up or Keep Out

You know you better than anyone else! Each day is a new opportunity to explore, create, design, interact and work! Whatever you believe is the best office for you is, (a bedroom, museum, park, beach, bathroom, countryside) get there and get to work!

Day Dreaming


And Dream Chasing

  Have you ever heard the saying “Dreams don’t work unless you do”? This saying couldn’t be more true. It is absolutely important to have ideas, goals and dreams in your mind. If you didn’t have any, you would probably be living a pretty boring life. WIth that said, you cannot just sit back and expect those dreams to come to fruition without any help from yourself!

Bundles Baby


Nice and Toasty

These weeks keep moving by so quickly, but what isn’t moving fast is this cold weather! I am ready for the spring time to be here in full effect so I can start to strip off some of these layers, but until then I will be bundled up baby!