Trench Time


Tis the Season

I love trench weather. It usually means I'm not freezing! I also love a good Etsy find (you can scroll on the site for hours, so scoring a solid piece always feels like a win)--including this basket bag, which almost makes me want to sit down and picnic. Okay, then there's this eco-friendly wave of fashion that I've been talking about for quite some time now, so I was pretty excited to uncover a new brand

Hints of PFW


Things to note

Elie Saab's collection was beyond anything you could dream for in the world of florals, intricate lace, ruffles, goth and more. From dark hues to the perfect shades of blush and emerald, he continues to nail anything he puts his hands on. Here's a look at 3 pieces we wouldn't mind having in our closet effective immediately.

Warm & Fuzzies


and faux!

Sometimes, the brighter and more out there, the better. That doesn't apply to everything in life, but when perusing all the various faux furs out there, why not go the bubblegum blue or a ruby red? A little playfulness in your attire can be a mood-booster at times, and I'm all about this fuzzy little number.

Eco Life


Part Two

So I shared my fair share of thoughts on all things eco friendly and sustainable fashion. Ever since I took the leap towards this side of the fashion spectrum (this time last year), I've opened my eyes to a new world of brands and trends. United by Blue being one of them, as mentioned in last week's post. It feels refreshing to know that I am a part of a movement that is

Cruelty Free



Don't get me wrong, my Joseph leather pants got me through many seasons and fit like a glove. But I do have this endless passion for all things sustainable, and do feel like it's important to be cautious and aware when it comes to fashion. I'm not swearing off leather and fur for life, but hey, I did find this amazing vegan leather skirt from Nanushka, and the benefits

Sustainable Style


United By Blue

I traveled to Philly last December to visit the United by Blue headquarters and attend their store opening and I've been really enamored by the company's ethos since I discovered it last year. Since the company values and beliefs, aligns with mine,  I decided last October to support this company, becoming one of their share holder while helping with their global communication and developement .

More Fendi


Because...Never Enough

But really, why even wear pants when you can just wear some...killer patent thigh high cherry colored boots? Exactly. I love an oversized cozy sweater, and I've been loving all things Fendi as of late (and as of always), so this all felt right. Plus, throw in a good oversized logo earring, and game over!