Full summer swing


in the 305

As much as I love faux fur jackets and leather weather, the Miami sun is something that's really hard to leave once you get settled with your toes in the sand. Lounging about in shorts and a vintage t-shirt under a bright sun and blue skies is a hard thing not to love! And with warm weather, comes switching over your winter and fall closets and doing a little shopping and spring cleaning.

Summer Agenda


More United By Blue

I've been involved with this brand for quite some time because I truly stand behind their ethos. I am passionate about their involvement with nature, sustainability, being eco-friendly and beyond. I've found the quality of their clothing to be lovely, and I love that the company unites the world on their mission, by organizing clean ups and beyond.

Boots Made For Walking


à la cowgirl

I'm a cowboy boot person year round--it adds a quick revamp to low key summer attire. And speaking of summer attire, I think I found a way to feel like I'm on island life or just frolicking in the Tulum sand. With Caravana Tulum's clothing collection. The beach vibes are serious and feel like an instant vacation when you slip them on.

Neutrals & Stripes


Lounge-y Living

These pants made me feel like summer was in arm's reach and sunshine was coming for me. I love when clothing gives me that sort of vibe, but I'm also always into a good staple that I can lounge in throughout the day and feel comfortable and put together. A solid pair of pants is pretty key when you want to throw something on that's not quite denim.

Pale Pinks


& Chunky Sneakers

The weather is relatively getting warmer (kind of), so a light trench and denim felt just about right for this London outing. And for a good, simple light coat jacket, Rains does just the trick! Especially when it comes in a shade of pale pink--yes please.

Trench Coating


Because...not summer

While our prolonged seasons still give reason to bundle up, I'll be on standby with a warm trench coat and booties until the mini summer dresses can come out to play. And for this, I love all things from Skiim, a brand that creates cruelty free pieces from bi product skins from the meat industry. Other than that, today's look was kept to a neutral tone and a simple appearance, though I do love these

Fresh Kicks


Sneaker Life

I love a good pair of stilettos (don't we all?), but aaah, sneaker days are the best. Essential. This fresh pair from Balenciaga felt like a good mix of chic, simple and sporty that pairs well with any wardrobe. Then there's the whole wrap dress thing that's always a great feminine go-to for virtually any occasion, including city roaming and the like.