Weekend Reading


or Audio-Booking

We spend so much timing roaming, commuting, or on the go, that listening to music has become second nature. But, what about audio books? There's something charming and fulfilling about picking up a physical book and sifting through its pages (feels increasingly rare with the rapid takeover of all things tech), but there's also something lovely about listening

Lady Things


Let's Talk Cellulite

Okay, summer is coming and bikini season is on, so let's talk about some dreaded lady bod things. AKA cellulite. And solutions for how to get rid of it! It's not an overnight thing, but there are certainly a few lifestyle tweaks that don't hurt, so that's a good start.

Holiday decor


For the table

With Easter and Passover en route, home entertaining is on its way and there are a few tasteful and subtle decor tips that anyone can adopt to add a hint of holiday to the air. Floral arrangements are always a great place to start (whether you are hosting, or bringing to the host!) And more than just flowers, creating a lovely tablescape with pastel pieces (and eggs!) in the mix, like the one from Emily Henderson's site.

Winter Breakfasts


Cozy & Healthy

It's winter, it's cold, and we need some healthy recipes to get us through this prolonged slump that feels everlasting. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated in the winter months, and then we resort to comfort foods that may not be the healthiest, when in fact...there are some really delicious healthy breakfast recipes that we should be starting our day with instead.

Sustainable Style


United By Blue

I traveled to Philly last December to visit the United by Blue headquarters and attend their store opening and I've been really enamored by the company's ethos since I discovered it last year. Since the company values and beliefs, aligns with mine,  I decided last October to support this company, becoming one of their share holder while helping with their global communication and developement .



it's not just a trend

In recent years, meditation has become the new it practice, and people have started to slow down and actively work to become more present, more in the moment, and more...mindful. It's been a self-proven movement that nobody can refuse in a world where life gets in the way and it's tricky to find time to yourself.

Healthy Gut

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 7.55.25 AM

Healthy You

Healthy eating and exercise aside, a healthy gut--making sure your system is working properly and absorbing all the nutrients you need, along with ensuring your digestive system is on the right track (among other things!) are extremely important to consider when looking to achieve new goals and maintain a healthy body.