La Moda en París

Elie Saab

PFW 2019

I love every opportunity I get to return back to my home in Paris, especially for this reason. Paris Fashion Week is a time for inspiration, new connections and so much excitement! Here are a few shows that really made a statement for me during this past week and I think you should check them out!

Up and Coming!

Natasha Zinko

From NYC to London

  Look alive and look ahead ladies. It’s time to get ready for this up and coming Spring season. So many beautiful designs to keep an eye out for and to start slowly adding to your wardrobe! London Fashion Week is here and has definitely made me excited for this upcoming season and I am ready to shop till I drop. Here are a few shows and a few trends to look out for:

Cat Walk Baby

Ralph Lauren

NYFW Back in Action

You already know what time of year it is my loves. New York Fashion Week has come again to completely wow us and prepare us for this upcoming season. I am so excited to share with you all some shows, trends and pieces that definitely stood out this past week!

Runway Dreams


Part II in Paris...

I have returned with more greatness from París. We all have passions in life and hopefully by now you understand that fashion is very high up on my list. I live and breathe and this world each and every day because it gives me an outlet to express my creativity is the best way I know how. Fashion Week gives me a rush of excitement and I truly could not wait to come lell you all about it!

Parisian Summer

Jacquemus 1

Fashion Forward

  Hello my loves, that time of year has returned. Time for the Paris Haute Couture fashion shows! Be on the lookout for these styles and trends to grace your life in the coming months. If you stay ready, you won’t ever have to get ready, so take a look at these shows and start shopping accordingly ;). 

Time to Detoxify

canteloupe turmeric

Summer Sippin'

Hello my loves. The summer heat that is coming around the corner is no joke! It is so important for us to keep ourselves hydrating and to keep our bodies refreshed while we’re enjoying the delicious food and phenomenal weather. Sometimes we forget to replenish ourselves and that can have a serious impact on us. Here some detox recipes that replenish your system and keep you feeling your best!

It’s That Camp Style

metallic gala

Wow Factor

Hello loves, it is that time again to sit in awe and watch all the wonderfulness that is the Met Gala. Each year, stars from all over gather for a fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. This time calls for the utmost creativity and designers truly wow us with the intricacies, designs, patterns, textures and much more that they put into these outfits. The theme for this year was “Camp” which like any theme is always up for interpretation, but is mainly focused on exaggeration.