Veggie Dinners


That Aren't Boring

It's so easy to get caught up in life and not take a moment to breathe, relax, and cook some delicious food for yourself (or some guests!) Going out is always fun, but sometimes staying in can be just as exciting. Here are a few healthy dinners that are not chicken and rice. Whether you're having taco night (margaritas too, please!), or looking for a simple pasta crowdpleaser, these recipes should have you covered.

Immune Boosters

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Remedies this way

It's officially that time of year where the weather keeps fluctuating and people start to get colds, and need a little preventative action, and a few handy solutions for an immune boost. While getting regular sleep and exercise are definitely essential, there are a few other things worth having on your radar.

Small Words

Big Meaning I'm a big fan of subtle ink. When I stumbled upon something that was filled with meaning and translated into more than words, I decided to pay Dr. Woo a visit to get "Una Vida" tattooed on my arm. Firstly, getting a tattoo from him was definitely on my bucket list for a

Bowl Break


Healthy and hearty

There's something about digging into a beautiful veggie-filled bowl that makes for a slightly more exciting meal time. Grilled chicken on a plate with some greens and a side salad? Not so exciting. But throw some quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, radishes and farm fresh vegetables into a bowl with a tasty dressing and suddenly...somehow everything feels just a bit more elevated.

Beat the Bloat


It's Still Summer

But even if it weren't, there are a few standard anti-bloat tricks that are helpful to have in your back pocket. Ditching salt is one of the best known ways to keep a flat belly around, so shop around for some new seasonings so you can still pack a punch of flavor into your food. Dairy and carbs are also common contenders for belly

Keeping it Cool


Refreshing Summer Breakfasts

Here are a few things that will get you out of bed on a hot, sunny, summer morning. (Aside from that first cup of coffee.) From smoothie bowls to chia pudding, açai bowls and more, these recipes are easy to make, while being deliciously satisfying and healthy.

Vues imprenables


La vie sur les toits

Il fait un temps à prendre un verre de rosé, bien installée en terrasse, et si possible sur un toit terrasse. Avec un hiver qui n'en finissait plus et quasiment aucun aperçu du printemps, accueillons à bras ouvert cet été et prenons de l'avance sur nos lieux de prédilection rooftop.  N'oubliez pas de glisser dans votre pochette une crème SPF, des lunettes de soleil, un chapeau en paille et un baume à lèvres, puis direction l'une des adresses suivantes: