That New New


Thee Bar Jacket 

  Hi dolls! I hope you are all having a fantastic week and I hope you are all ready for some more style inspo because that is exactly what I have brought for you today. And guess who our guest star is, SURPRISE! It is thee bar jacket once again :). Get out your notepads and start taking these notes because this is a must have!

Raising the BAR


A much appreciated re-launch

Christian Dior first launched the collection with the iconic Dior Bar Jacket in 1947. The jacket has a cinched waist and padded hips and creates a lovely silhouette. The re-launch is here and ready for you all to see and enjoy! The way it has been worn through the years continues to evolve and change often. 

The Green Scene


J'adore Dior

  Hello my loves! I hope you are all having an absolutely phenomenal week like I am! What better way to begin (or end) your week than with Dior! This look is a work of art from head to toe and Dior is responsible for it all! I feel so empowered and so powerful rocking this look and I want you all to do the same! 

When in Paris…

fanny dussol-14 copie

Do as the Parisians do

One does not simply attend Fashion Week in an everyday outfit. We must go big or go home!! Truly there is no other option but to be dressed in one of the best outfits you can get your hands on and once you get to the show, act like you’re on the runway yourself!

All in the Details


Black on Black

Do you ever pick out a piece in a store and fall in love with the details on the item? You are carried away by the intricate design or the craftsmanship so much so that you cannot leave the store without it! The details make the item beautiful just as the details of your life create an amazing big picture.

Take a Dip

@_Thisisseba ( S DOT STUDIO) _P7A2963

Wanna join me?

Of course we have to flaunt this summer body sooner or later! Ladies, throw on your favorite swimsuit and get to the nearest beach or pool. The time is now and you cannot let insecurities keep you from enjoying your life! Take hold of the steering wheel and drive your life in the direction you want it to be.

Little Black Dress

@_Thisisseba ( S DOT STUDIO) _P7A2619

Summertime Glow

I am sure you have heard the saying you must always keep a little black dress in your closet. You never know what occasion might pop up. There are so many style options when it come to this little black dress and I have an idea for you.