Get Workin’

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And don’t look back!

Sometimes we create impossible scenarios for ourselves because we are so fearful of failure. The amount of time and energy we invest in trying to convince ourselves why something will go wrong can be redirected into the main reason why it will go right!



All I need is some sun!

Miami is truly sunshine heaven and I loooove spending time here. The ocean breeze in my hair, the warm sun on my skin and the relaxing sounds of the waves crashing take me to paradise. Why would you not want to enjoy that yourself!


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Back Off

Darlings! Do you ever feel like you are unstoppable and everyone better stay out of your way? Sometimes I just feel a little sassy and fierce and want nothing more than to be left alone to experience all of the feelings I feel.


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Inner Peace

Take a deep breath in. Take your earphones out. Put your phone down and close your eyes. Take a few more deep breaths in. How do you feel? Hopefully more relaxed, but if not, take some more deep breaths!

Red Carpet Ready


The Oscars, 2019

Hey my loves! Did you get a chance to catch the Oscars this weekend? If not, just know that it was full of marvelous looks and I just wanted to share my faves with you all!

Boss Moves

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The Power of a Good Suit

Hey dolls! Can you believe March starts in a few days? I can’t. If you have not already curated your business professional look, there is no better time than the present to do so.

Rain, Rain, Go Away


London Town Looks

Hello my sweets, how are you all doing? I hope just as fantastic as ever. This month is flying by as usual and I am just here with some style updates as per usual.