Vintage Vibe


Just goin’ with the flow!

  Vintage vibes just make me so excited! Do you agree? Tell me what some of your favorite vintage styles or looks are because I would love to know! I’m always looking for new additions to my closet and I would never pass up the opportunity for some vintage pieces! 

Cat Walk Baby

Ralph Lauren

NYFW Back in Action

You already know what time of year it is my loves. New York Fashion Week has come again to completely wow us and prepare us for this upcoming season. I am so excited to share with you all some shows, trends and pieces that definitely stood out this past week!



Don’t Leave Me

Every time I feel like I have more summer to hang onto, somehow it slips away from me even faster. I absolutely love the summer and it definitely brings out the best in me, but you already knew that ;). 

The Weekend Feeling


Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

Ladies, the time has come! The weekend is here and it is time to #Party! Shake off that funk from the work week and get into some funnnn! You know and I know that you deserve a good time out to celebrate your hard work, so get to it!

Plum Paradise



  Roaming these London streets in an outfit that makes me feel absolutely delectable! Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and say “I would take myself out on a date RIGHT NOW because I look so good!” ? If not, you might want to start investing in a wardrobe that makes you feel that way.

Sweeter Than Sugar


Keep it Cute 

That spirit of yours is the compass that directs you through this life. The more aligned your spirit is with your morals, the easier it will be to live in your truth. There are times where you are faced with situations or people that do not treat you how you deserve to be treated, but the fact that you are living in your truth will allow you to remain unbothered.

Pause and Smell the Roses


*Deep Inhale*

Sometimes it feels like the days and the weeks are just rushing by. Everything passes by so quickly that I barely get the chance to enjoy anything. We just have to take a second, take a deep breath and get back to being present.