Sailor Mode


Solids and Stripes

Zara typically fits all my seasonal needs, and then some. It essentially marks all the checklists without breaking the bank, which is always a plus. And with that, I was excited to find this outfit there because I'm all for an open back top, and also very into this pearl button detail

Trends to Note


All Things Beauty

Beauty trends are constantly developing and being recycled over time. One day, there's a hot new red lipstick that you absolutely need, and the next, you're going for the I-just-woke-up-like-this rolled out of bed vibe. The good thing? There's no going wrong. It all depends on your mood, and whatever look your going for. The other plus side? It's incredibly versatile! With a messy braid,

Hungry for Hungary


Something like that

What I meant to say was, I totally have a thing for Hungarian fashion. Last October, I visited Budapest and met Hungarian designer Dóri Tomcsányi, of Tom Csanyi, and loved, wanted and needed everything. Enter my world of laying my hands on this printed jumpsuit, and the rest was history. The brand describes

Toast 2.0


Don't Fear the Carb

There are only so many days we can wake up and eat a plate of egg whites and sliced avocado. Breakfast and snack routines eventually get old, and we end up wanting and craving something that's more exciting than...a banana or granola bar. Here comes toast. Take a slice of bread and pop it in a toaster, and the

Earring Mode


Still Boho

All things LF, part two. But first, can we talk about these earrings? All the beads, and all the colors. Okay, glad we had that talk. Next is just about lounging around in denim and boho-inspired tops with some sneakers to make for an easy day of roaming about

Miami Hangouts


Head to Toe LF

When I land in Miami, I feel this wave of instant vacation wash over me, and...all things beach, sun, sand and beyond bring me into a great element of peace where I can lounge and stroll island style. You don't feel that constant rush of being in a busy city like New York or London, you kind of just

En mode printanier

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.48.00 AM

Parlons chaussures

Peu importent ce que les températures indiquent au baromètre (très sérieusement NYC, à quand une destination directe vers l'été? Car : que penser de ces jours-ci, si gris et moroses?). Prétendons que le printemps est bel et bien là, et à cet effet, qu'une partie de shopping chaussures s'impose. Commençons très simplement, avec quelques basiques un peu fun, type des sandales aux imprimés audacieux, une paire d'oxfords métalliques, des bottines en daim, et des baskets arborant des pompons aux chevilles.